Top 4 Reasons Why The Tourism And Hotel Industry Is Special


The tourist and hotel industry is one of the largest business industries we have today. The tourism industry offers a wide range of services which includes hotel and restaurant services, attraction and activities and other special services. The industry relies greatly on services from other sectors that support tourism. Some of these sectors are immigration, outbound travel, public transportation, retail services and the police department.

Because most international travelers make use of air transport, essential service sectors like the air transport business, air traffic control, aircraft engineering services, travel agents all fall under the tourism industry.

The importance of the tourism and hotel cannot be overstated. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why the industry is invaluable to many countries and their economy:


The Tourism Industry Contributes Greatly To GDP

Many countries rely on the tourism industry to grow the economy. Countries get the opportunity to receive foreign exchange earnings. The multiplier effect is evident in this industry as tourists spend money in restaurants, hotels, and malls. It increases the revenue of the business owners and the tax payable. In turn, the business owners get the opportunity to spend more because of increased earnings.

The Tourism Industry Creates Employment And Business Opportunities


The hospitality industry attracts a large number of skilled professionals. Players within the industry are taking every initiative to offer an attractive wage to attract mature and high caliber people looking for an opportunity to pursue a career in the industry. Therefore, the industry does not have to rely on casual workers, low-skilled workers, and migrant workers. These ensure the industry continues to deliver a high-quality experience to the visitors. The ability to absorb more workers in the industry helps to raise the living conditions of the locals.

The Tourism Industry Helps Develop Local Infrastructure

Tourists are becoming more educated and sophisticated. These have necessitated better products and services. To attract more visitors and to ensure a memorable experience for the tourists, countries are taking deliberate efforts to invest in the local infrastructure. Efforts are being made to ensure roads, transport system and telecommunication sector is in good working condition. Many of the governments are supporting players in the industry through marketing. They are investing millions annually to help players advertise their country as the preferred tourist destination. Furthermore, infrastructure needs require buildings and other services, which translates into job opportunities for the locals.


The Tourism Industry Promotes Unity And Peace Between Countries

The tourism industry makes it possible for people to visit any country of their choice and to enjoy what a nation has to offer. This gives tourists the opportunity to learn the cultures of other communities. Also, governments often reach out to their counterparts in their efforts to promote tourism. These and much more help to promote interconnectedness between countries, resulting in a more peaceful world.


The list of reasons why the tourism and hotel industry is important cannot be exhausted. This industry has greatly provided for many businesses and stands as the life wire of many establishments today.