Best Business Ideas for University Students

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As a university student, things can be tight. Money can be in short supply and as well as studying you will also want to finance a thriving social life. This does not come cheap. While for many, this may cause them to get a part-time position to earn that few extra bucks, for other, more enterprise minded students the result will be their own business. This is great, but with so many pitfalls out there and not much in the way of start-up capital, the question becomes, what is the best business to start for a young university student. Here we hope to provide some options in answering that very question.

Freelance Working

This is somewhat of a compromise between your own business and working for others. The perfect thing about freelance working for university students is that, not only are you growing your skills in whichever area you choose and increasing your portfolio which could be very helpful in the long run, but also you have the ability to work on a flexible basis. This is fantastic, meaning you do not have to interrupt your studies and can fit around your own schedule. The earning potential and almost zero startup cost make this an even better option for students.  Have a look at sites like and Upwork to get started.

E-Commerce Business

Another great option for young students is to get started on their online selling empire. This again offers a relatively low risk path to making some extra money and has financed many university tuitions and in lots of cases even thrived beyond that. As a university student, you are also perfectly positioned to see the trends of the youth market. A key business demographic and meet their demands. Platforms such as Ebay, Amazon or Etsy for the more creative at heart offer a fantastic starting point for any budding online entrepreneur.

Design and Creation

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This may be a bit more of a niche market in terms of university students, but if you see a gap in the market that your creative mind can fill, go for it. In today’s digital age, there are many opportunities to produce your own product or smartphone applications which can fantastically meet a need and become a huge success. This is exemplified by a huge number of companies past and present. From Apple to “Clocky” the runaway alarm clock designed from a dorm room to become a smash hit, the world is waiting if you have an awesome idea, don’t be afraid to put it in to action.


Regardless of your background or skill set, as a student, the opportunities are out there for you to make a buck from your own business in a way that is suitable to you. You may be surprised that by following our suggestions, the business you start to get through college and finance the next keg-party, could turn into your full-time career someday.