How Much Money Can You Make as a Private Tutor


So, you have the qualifications in the bag and some high level knowledge of your subject and have decided to enter the world of private tutoring. How much can you expect to make and how does it stack up against a more traditional teaching position. Here will examine a few key factors which can decide how lucrative your tutoring business can become and if it is worth pursuing.


First and foremost, as with any job in any industry, the biggest determining factor regarding how much you earn is your own availability. The more time you are available to work, in most cases, the more money you will earn. Especially in the beginning when you are trying to create a successful tutoring business, you need to have full availability and be flexible as to your working times and locations.



A lot of what you earn will be determined by where you are located. This does not necessarily mean you location is fixed, as we will discuss later. Your base location will of course have its own market and average prices in regard of tutoring. Supply and demand is the biggest factor in this determination. For example, in the USA, you may only command a basic salary to tutor in English language since the demand will be relatively low. Change this location to the Middle East or Eastern Asia and you have the ability to charge a premium due to the greatly increased demand

Subject Area

Along with your base location, subject area will go hand in hand to decide your earning capacity. Generally speaking, the more technical or specific the knowledge, the higher fee you can charge, for example, earnings would differ greatly tutoring Spanish to South American school kids than tutoring Advanced Mathematics. That said, again the supply of readily available teachers plays a huge role in determining your market value more than subject.

Purpose of Study


Tutoring for high level examinations or university entrance exams to prestigious schools are known to be hugely lucrative. Therefore the purpose and overall outcome expected by the student or their parents/organization will be a huge contributing factor as to the size of your earning. Generally, the higher the aims of the student and bigger the benefit of a successful outcome, the higher the fee you can command. Bearing in mind that along with these higher objectives comes a higher expectation and pressure to perform from you.


On occasion, tutoring can present the opportunity to travel with or to overseas international students. This kind of client and travelling obviously entails a much higher fee and often including expenses. If you position yourself well within the market, the jet-set lifestyle awaits, as is the case with this British tutor.


In the worldly and diverse industry of tutoring, it is accurate to say that the choice is yours. If you have the correct mindset and desire to travel and work hard, your earnings can reflect that whilst also affording a luxurious travel schedule. Alternatively, you can begin a very lucrative career by staying close to home and building a loyal student base. Take your pick.

Keys to Starting a Successful Tutoring Business


Regardless of the subject area, if you possess a high degree of skill and qualification to teach a certain subject, the opportunity exists for you to start your own, highly profitable tutoring business. There are some key things though, beyond the basic expectation that will help to make sure your tutoring business is grade A. By following our helpful steps, you can get started on the path to academic stardom.


Think Big

Many people who qualify in the education field tend to think they are limited to becoming a teacher in a public school and living a safe and secure life without really challenging any boundaries. This is incorrect, the world of education is rapidly changing and behind every 9-5 schoolteacher, lays a tutoring dynamo who is rising to the top in both financial and even celebrity terms. There are plenty of private tutors whose salaries reach millions of dollars per year and who travel the world teaching. This could be you.

Be Confident In Your Skills

In a lot of cases, in all industries and walks of life, people tend to be humble regarding their own skills. Too much so. It is important to remember, especially in the world of private tutoring, students are paying a premium for your time because they value your expertise. You have a skill which they do not possess or they wish to improve. Showing your confidence is not only warranted, but will also translate to making your students more confident in their own skills.

Remain Flexible


In the world of private tutoring, there is simply no official starting and ending time. To maximize your earning potential, you should be available to suit any and all comers. As time goes by and your reputation grows, you can be more selective and rigid in your scheduling, at the start however, it is key to remain open to opportunity and establish your base. This applies not only to time, but also location.

Personalize Your Approach

Learning is never a one size fits all business. Good tutors will understand this and tailor their approach to the individual students, whilst preserving their positive impact and ultimately result. The personal approach will also help to develop strong bonds with your students which are vital over time. Retention of students is key in that it helps to provide you with some form of secure income.

Remember the Objective


Tutoring is, much more often than not, a results based industry. Students are hiring you, with a certain goal in mind and a result to achieve. It can be a cutthroat industry. Students who do not feel they are improving or do not get the desired result, may terminate your services. It is important that you recognize this and work in the most direct way possible to achieve their goals. It is also key though that you do not lose heart in this situation.

Final Thoughts

The private tutoring industry represents a world of opportunity for those with the appropriate mentality, combined with the required academic knowledge. A fast moving and precise working environment which can be equally rewarding as it is challenging.